It’s important to measure skincare products for sensitive skin by their efficiency and the compatibility of their ingredients, not by their fragrance or attractive packaging. When it comes to the health of your most sensitive organ, the skin, it is best to rely on the tried and tested knowledge of the expert pharmacist. 

Now, there is a proven miracle cure for your sensitive and extremely dry skin, named Allantoin. It comes from comfrey, a root that has been used for centuries to treat injuries and ulcers. Allantoin promotes the acceleration of cell regeneration and restores your skin’s protective moisture barriers. It repairs small injuries and reinforces the self-healing power of your skin itself. Allantoin also optimizes the cell cohesion process of your skin and supports your moisture balance. As a result, your skin’s cellular layer is sealed, making it elastic and not flaky. Your skin feels smooth and well nourished! 

The Intense Repair Body Lotion was developed especially for the needs of extremely dry and sensitive skin. The properties of the Allantoin in the lotion soothe and protect your skin. The body lotion nurtures the keratin layer and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. When used regularly, it also prevents skin irritation. In addition, the Intense Repair Hand Cream perfectly protects your itchy, damaged hands. Both the body lotion and the hand cream absorb pleasantly quickly. It goes without saying they contain no parabens. When you use these two products daily, your skin becomes velvety soft and your sensitive epidermis is protected from damaging environmental influences.

Harmonized skincare is essential if you don’t want your sensitive skin to become dry and irritated. Skincare products that have Allantoin as an effective ingredient and have the fewest possible additives, will prevent redness, micro-cracks and dry skin. They will also repair minor damage. Try it yourself and enjoy feeling completely comfortable in your sensitive skin!